Cinder by Marissa Meyer



I haven’t read that much this month. I have mostly been reading Manga and Graphic novels. Thinking about reviewing some of the graphic novels/manga that I have read but not certain. If anyone would like that let me know.

Anyway, on to the review, so I was pretty hesitant about this novel since it is, technically, a retelling of a fairy tale. I tend to dislike retellings and I don’t go out of my way to read them. I do remember picking this novel up back when it came out but I passed up on purchasing it because it was being marketed as a retelling. I wish I had not passed it up back then. The fact is that this novel is a loosely based retelling but it is about so much more than that. I was immersed in the world the Meyer created from the first chapter. I was interested to see what happened and I loved Cinder because she was independent, brave, stubborn and knew what she wanted.

The novel centers around Cinder who is a cyborg in New Beijing. In her world, being a cyborg is taboo and a lot of people will not interact with her due to that and she also doesn’t have any rights. Everything she does is controlled by her step-mother/guardian. There is a disease going around the world and people die from it and there is no known cure. There are doctors who are trying to find a cure and one of the ways they do so is by experimenting on cyborgs. This is one of Cinders greatest fears because her guardian has the right to force her to volunteer. There is a Prince in the novel and Cinder and him end up having interactions. While Cinders stepmom is pretty mean to her she is not the ultimate villain of the novel. That falls to Levana, who happens to be queen of lunar.

Cinder is the first book in a series and I thought this book did a nice job of introducing us to the world. It was pretty predictable but predictability isn’t always a bad thing. I think that the writing in this novel was actually pretty good. It was engaging and it flowed well and it pulled me into the world faster than normally happens for me.

I don’t know that I saw any flaws in this novel other than it being predictable in a number of places. I think that I probably would have rated it higher than 4 stars if it had not been so predictable. I am definitely interested to see where this series goes.






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