I have returned!

I have been in a slump most of August. I did still read but mostly Graphic novels and Manga and I don’t tend to review those to the extent that I review books. Due to that I have not really reviewed much of anything all this month. I did recently finish The Fifth Season and that was the first book that I was able to finish without skimming most of the novel. Therefore,  I will probably upload a review for that later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Starting in September I should be reviewing books a tad bit more often as well. I don’t think I am going to do a TBR for September though because I just want to read books that sound interesting. That being said, I am thinking about doing a series review for The Fifth Season books. I still want to review the first one here but I might hold off on reviewing the other two and just include them in a series review or I might just include my thoughts on the entire series in the review for book three.

There are a few other things I want to try and do in the next few months as well. I am thinking about doing a Harry Potter reread and discussing my thoughts for each book. I know other people are doing this and I figured it would be cool for me to do since I haven’t reread the books in years so my thoughts and feelings on the books might have changed.

If anyone has any things they’d like to see incorporated in my blog feel free to let me know!



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