The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson

rose petal beach


This book was good but it was definitely longer than necessary. I think that the book could have been cut down by about 200 pages and it still would have been a good novel. The length actually turned me off. I find that most books that are 500+ pages are overly wordy and can be cut down a bit.

The novel follows Tami whose husband is accused of a terrible crime and the person who accuses him is a really good friend. From there the story takes off and you aren’t 100% sure what happened. The premise of the story was interesting and had it not been dragged out I think I really would have enjoyed it.

The story was told from three different perspectives which was quite nice. I enjoyed every single perspective it was told from even though one of the people kind of annoyed me.

The novel was written in a reader friendly matter and I was able to breeze through it which was nice. The story did seem to wrap up way nicer than it would have if these events had taken place in real life. However, I still felt the novel was an enjoyable read.

I give this novel 3 out 5 stars. It isn’t higher because it just dragged on and I lost interest half way through.



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