Based on a True Story by Delphine De Vigan

based on a true story


The premise of the novel was about an author who comes out with an amazing book and after that has trouble writing. She ends up meeting L. and it leads to a toxic relationship.

This book was absolutely terrible. I had high expectations for it and was so let down. It was boring. Everything that happened was anti-climatic and it didn’t seem like anything happened till about page 160 or so. The author spent way too much time describing L. and how shady she would seem to people who weren’t vulnerable. She spent very little time detailing the things L. did and in all honesty when she got to the things L did it was boring.

This book had some decent writing and I think that is the only thing that kept me reading for so long. However, I can say that there is a part in the novel will the author spoils the ending to the movie the usual suspect and she did not have to do that.

She spent so much time on detailing things that weren’t important. The book could have easily been cut down by like 50-100 pages. There were walls of text and I hate novels that don’t break up text with a bit of dialouge.

I was really excited for this novel and I feel as though I wasted my money. I will be donating this book to the used book store because maybe someone else will like it.

The only redeeming quality of this book was the actual writing. I will attempt to read the other two novels by this author at some point because I did think her writing was captivating. I was really hoping that the ending of this novel would make up for the lack of action that led to my boredom. I am honestly super disappointed by the ending. I ended up getting so annoyed with the book towards the last 100-120 pages that I was skimming bits and pieces because it had gone on long enough, nothing had truly happened and I just wanted to be done so I could read something else.

I gave this book a one star and the only reason it got that was because 1) there is no way to truly give 0 stars 2) the writing was pretty good.


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