Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

into the water


I did not like The Girl on the Train and was giving this author one more chance before I decided to never read another novel. I can say that after this book I will be reading more of her. I really can’t comprehend the people that preferred Girl on the Train to this. The characters in that novel were unlikable which made it hard to connect to.

This book was told from numerous perspectives which definitely made it confusing at first but once you got used to it it was not confusing. I do think that the story could have been told from less perspectives. I think Sean, Lena, Jules, and Erin were important to the story but the rest of the characters kind of felt like filler. I also feel that had it not covered the other characters perspective the novel still would have turned out great.

I liked the characters in this book so much more than The Girl on the Train and it’s baffling for me to read reviews that say the characters in this novel are all unlikable. I didn’t agree with absolutely everything these characters did but I did enjoy some of them. My favorite character was Jules. I could relate to her in a number of ways.

I think that this story dragged on a bit though. I think that the last 86 pages or so could have been cut down a bit. At that point the story was going in circles a bit. The author was telling us that something had happened but they would not spit it out and would just go back and forth from perspective to perspective.

I pretty much read this book in two sittings though. I started it early this morning, probably at about 12:30am. I read till I got to page 205. After that I put the book down to sleep and didn’t pick it up again till later in the day and I finished it. I haven’t finished a book in two sittings in quite a while.

I would say that the book isn’t entirely predictable but you do have suspicion about what might have happened. However, for me that suspicion was wrong. I knew certain people were probably more involved in the incident and I was right about one of them.

All in all I really enjoyed this novel. It was so much better than The Girl on the Train. I give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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