Wonder by R.J Palacio




This book is a Middle Grade novel so if you do not like those books than it is likely you might not like this book. Overall the book was very good and I choked up a little bit at the end. However, the writing style was super simplistic (even for Middle grade) so it was a little off-putting at first.

The novel follows Auggie who is a boy that was born with a facial deformity. He’s been homeschooled his whole life and his parent’s start to think that he needs to go to school. They get him into a private school and the book basically takes off from there. The book is told, primarily, from Auggie’s perspective but there are a few portions that are told from other people as well such as Auggie’s older sister.

I think this book had such an important message to send out and I think it would be an amazing novel for kids to read to teach them that sometimes people are different but the best hing to do is to be nice to them and embrace their differences. It’s a message a lot of adults need to learn as well which is why I think this book could be a decent and eye-opening read for someone that is older.

The book had some grammatical errors and things like that which was a tad bit frustrating and made me question who edited it. Also, the writing style was simplistic, as I said, and while that made the book go by super fast it was hard to get accustomed to the novel for a bit. However, I have heard such great things about the novel so I wanted to push through.

The ending was absolutely beautiful. I got choked up a bit by it and that is something that rarely happens when I read a ‘sad’ novel.

I definitely recommend this book. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars. The main reason it isn’t higher is because I had a bit of difficulty with the writing style.


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