The Patience Stone by Atiq Rahimi

the patience stone


This book is short (141 pages) but it shows quite well the struggles that woman in Afghanistan go through. It shows quite well how men, basically, rule and woman are just left to be subservient. If anything goes wrong the woman is the one to take the blame even if the man might be the one at fault.

This book takes place in a room and while the main character leaves the room we never follow her to the other places she goes. She is left to take care of her husband who was shot. He is catatonic. She ends up talking to him and revealing things about her life as well as about their marriage.

While the book does a extensive job of showing the struggles woman in the country go through I didn’t really feel gripped by the story or anything. If it had been longer I probably would have DNF’ed.

There is a relatively big secret that the main character is keeping (if you read one of the good reads reviews it basically gives it away so I would suggest avoiding any goodreads reviews). Since the secret was spoiled for me I might not have enjoyed the book as much because I was able to predict the ending.

The book is still worth reading because of the topics that are covered. It is definitely dark and depressing as well which might turn some people off.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars mainly because I think the topic was important and eye opening and the author covered it well even though it was a short novel.


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