The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

the light we lost


This book was about Lucy and Gabe and the love they had for each other. They get into a relationship but Gabe ends up walking away and Lucy never really gets over him.

Honestly, I don’t like romance books and this book was not written all that well. The only thing that kept me reading was that the ending was supposed to be really good. I predicted the ending. I predicted pretty much everything.

I did not like this book. I thought it romanticized infidelity. There is more I didn’t like but I don’t want to give away spoilers but I just…this book was wrong. It romanticized things that hurt other people.

Lucy moves on with her life and gets married and she does love her husband but she constantly thinks about Gabe and what might have been.

I actually couldn’t stand Gabe or Darren, Lucy’s husband. They were both infuriating. I think the author was trying to make Darren seem better than Gabe in some ways but he wasn’t.

I give this book 1 out of 5 stars. I was so disappointed in this novel and am glad I didn’t pay full price for it.


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