Scared Selfless by Michelle Stevens

scared selfless



This is the true story of a woman who was her step-fathers sex slave. She endured so much abuse at his hands. It documents her struggles with being a survivor of sexual abuse and it also documents how she overcame it all.

I thought this book was absolutely amazing. I thought it explained quite nicely about how people who are abused sometimes forget the abuse. As someone who experienced repressed memories it helped me to understand why my mind led me to forget that I had been abused. While I have had it explained by therapists the way she experienced it an explained it made a whole lot more sense.

I think this is a hopeful and inspiring novel and I think that a lot of people who have suffered through abuse might get something out of reading it. It is triggering since she does give a decent amount of detail about the abuse that she suffered from.

The one issue that I had with the book was the fact that she didn’t go into more detail about taking her parents to court. She alluded to it twice but she never really explained why she did it and what the outcome was.

I think this novel is an important read as long as people can get past the descriptions of abuse.

Overall I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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