February 2017 wrap up

I had 7 books and a few graphic novels on my TBR for February. I was unable to get through all the graphic novels since my car broke down and getting to the library was a chore. However, I was able to complete all but one of the books on my TBR and I am currently reading that book (The Hero of Ages).

I also read three books that were not on my TBR so the total books I was able to read last month 9.

Here is a break down of how I rated the books:

Girl in pieces: Two stars. Was boring and the only positive was it’s portrayal of self harm.

The Well of Ascension: Four stars. Absolutely love this trilogy so far.

This Savage Song: Three stars. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. Still excited for the sequel.

In Order to Live: Five stars. Absolutely loved this book even though it dealt with tough subject matter.

What We Saw: One star. Just could not get into it and found it boring.

Scythe: Four stars. This book was great and excited for the sequel which comes out sometime this year I believe.

A Monster Calls: Three stars. I did like this book but not as much as I was expecting given the hype. Didn’t feel like the characters were developed well enough but it was a short book.

The You I’ve Never Known: Two stars. Was super disappointed by this book since I love love love Ellen Hopkins. Didn’t connect with the characters and was bored.

Caraval: Three stars and there is a review located here: http://www.teenhelp.org/forums/f88-media-entertainment/t150196-caraval-review/.

I read a total of six graphic novels this month but I don’t tend to review those. If you’d be interested in hearing more about the graphic novels comment  and let me know.









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