Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

I am always ambivalent when it comes to reading books about anything mental health related. However, this book was about self harm and so I was interested to read it. Since I had a few extra days to read I decided to give this book a try. I was disappointed. I was exceptionally bored throughout the whole entire thing and the book was rather unrealistic. The only thing that was done well was the self harm aspect. I could relate to a number of the feelings that the main character dealt with while trying to avoid self harm urges. I did like how this book conveyed that just because you get treatment doesn’t mean the urges to harm yourself will disappear.

I did not like the relationship between Charlie and Riley. I get they were both disordered individuals and things like that happen. But, it made me uncomfortable. I felt like the characters in this book were hard to care about. Charlie’s love for Louisa, who she barely knew, was hard to grasp as well. I’ve been in psychiatric hospitals and never developed such strong feelings for people I knew for a few short weeks.

There is a reason I don’t read books that have to do with mental health the main reason being that the book ends up being disappointing.

If I were to rate this book I would give it two out of five stars. I mean, the last 20% of the book I skimmed because I was bored and didn’t really care about the characters.


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