What We Saw Aaron Hartzler

This book was not very good. Nothing happened in the first half or more of it. The author did outline the consequences of victim blaming which I liked but the book was so boring that I did not actually enjoy it the way that I thought I would. It is definitely triggering for rape but I expected that going in. By the time I got to the second half of the book I was so bored that I didn’t care what happened and skimmed. While skimming I noticed that I didn’t miss much by doing this and I was able to get through the story without being confused which says a lot about how good a story is in my opinion.

I did not feel connected to the characters in the least. I thought the main character was rather whiny. She ended up being one of the only people in her town who was compassionate towards the rape victim but it didn’t take away from her whinyness. All the book did was go over the main characters relationship with Ben and I really wasn’t expecting a love story when I read this book.

I wanted a contemporary novel that focused on rape and abuse and I thought this book would end up being good and was greatly disappointed. I think the only redeeming quality of the book was the ending but I also predicted how it was going to end from the first few chapters.

I would rate this book a one out of five stars.



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