The You I’ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins

This review will probably be short. I really enjoy Ellen Hopkins books. In 2016 I checked out all the books she had written and read them. I was immersed with the characters. I connected with all of them in some ways. There were one or two stories I didn’t connect with as much but I still enjoyed them. That being said, I was excited for this novel. I wasn’t certain what it was about but I didn’t really care. However, that being said, I did not enjoy this story. I thought it was extremely boring and I didn’t care one way or another about what happened to the characters. The characters were not strong or likeable and it left me feeling like I wanted to read something else.

I think Ellen Hopkins is an amazing author and I think that this was an important story to tell but I did not connect with it. Towards the end of the novel I was fed up with it and just found myself skimming the pages.  I think this story could have been so much better.

I will still read anything by this author but I don’t think I will be re-reading this novel. I give this novel a two out of five stars.


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