Mistborn: The Final Empire

I have wanted to read this book for about a year. It’s a relatively lengthy novel so I put it on hold. I was also unsure if I would end up liking it since it is either hit or miss with fantasy novels. I also got nervous about reading it due to all the hype it has been getting on booktube. However, I decided I was going to read the first book this year and I absolutely loved it. I was hooked on the very first page and I didn’t look back.


This book is about an empire that is ruled by a tyrant and it is about a group of thieves who try and take down the tyrant. The magic system in this book is really unique. People are able to utilize magic by consuming metal. This is definitely not something I had heard of before and it wasn’t all that confusing to understand. I always find that with some fantasy novels the magic system is confusing for a bit and I was grateful that I did not experience that with The Final Empire.


I thought that the friendship between Kelsier and the other thieves was absolutely amazing. I think this novel is very character driven and there wasn’t one character that I did not like.  I think I identified most with Vin and I was glad that she took up such a huge part of the narration. The thing I appreciated about this novel was that it was narrated from different points of views. It mainly focused on Vin and Kelsier as narrators but occasionally it would switch to other supporting character’s.


I thought that the author made Vin to be a relatively strong female role which can be lacking in fantasy novels. She wasn’t a damsel in distress although she did face some difficulties that challenged her way of thinking. I think the reason I identified most with Vin was because of her distrust of others. I am a very distrustful person and I could relate to the way she felt about Kelsier.


I don’t think there was much I disliked about the story. I read it slower than normal but part of that was because I didn’t want it to end and I want to enjoy the story a bit more. I do think that there were a few places where it dragged on. However, I didn’t stop reading and simply skim the novel during the parts that dragged which is something I tend to do when a book starts dragging to much.


I felt this was an enjoyable read and I think lovers of fantasy will be swept away by the story. It is part of a trilogy however it seemed to wrap up quite nicely in this book so I am curious to see how it progresses. Something else I really enjoyed about this novel was that once you started feeling as though you could guess what was going to happen next, there would be some twist that you wouldn’t see coming.


I give this book five stars!


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